Virtual Learning and Food/Diapers Pick-up

Cindy EngelUncategorized

Dear friends, we hope you and your families are all doing well during this most difficult time.

We have been working super hard at PLH to design programs that will best serve those in need in these trying times. We are so excited to announce that we will launch phase 1 and 2 of our virtual and trunk pop pick up program next week!!

Phase 1. Provide virtual counseling and parenting classes to our moms to help them cope with economic uncertainty, job loss, high stress levels, and being confined in tight quarters with all the children at home. We are providing this service first so that PLH moms in need can learn vital skills so they can be the best possible caregivers to their children in this crisis.

Phase 2. Provide weekly trunk-pop pickup of diapers, wipes, and food for the families. We have designed this program to be safe for our team and the most vulnerable in our community. Moms will pull up, pop their trunk, and a member from our team (masked snd gloved) will put the items in her trunk so she never has to get out of the vehicle!

Phase 3 . Provide virtual education and support to the women and children we serve through virtual preschool classrooms and adult education as well as virtual tutoring for their school-aged children. We will run programs as usual, but via zoom classrooms!

But in order to make this happen, We need your support more then ever! Please help us to continue serving those in need during this most difficult time by giving generously.