PLH makes a different in the lives of refugees

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Alejandra came to the United States with her husband, Rubin, as a refugee a short time ago from Venezuela, where there is much governmental corruption and many families starving.

Engineers in Venezuela, they both knew no English when they arrived. Alejandra was very depressed because she had to leave everyone and everything she knew to save their child from the horrible corruption and lack of food, but came to Pamper Lake Highlands open and ready for the Lord’s help. While Ruben works long hours to provide for his family, Alejandra attends our English classes and parenting classes. She is also a leader in our weekly Bible study class and works in the infant room.

Alejandra has just recently gotten her Venezuelan degree translated into American credits and once she is fluent in English will be able to find a job as an engineer here in America! She works so hard and has already gotten 2 other women friends to come sign up with PLH to better their lives as well. We are so glad the Lord has invited us in on His work to help this amazing family begin to thrive and build a life right here in Lake Highlands!

For more information on Alejandra and her family, see the article in The Advocate.

Help us to help more families in Lake Highlands by donating or volunteering. With your help, the Lord can change many more lives through this ministry!

Alejandra’s daughter

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