Overwhelmed with gratitude

Cindy EngelEvents

lake highlands diapersI am feeling overwhelming feelings of gratitude tonight. Our March 14th event is in one weerk. I have watched the community come along side me for a purpose…to help bring change in our world.

This may seem a little deep, but I believe a blog is to be about real feelings and true intentions.

This organization is so much more than diapers. This organization is going to bring help and provide hope…empowering individuals to overcome the prison of poverty. I see the pain and brokenness that hovers over an impoverished pocket of our community and I see the shackles of oppressions, but more than that…. I see many, many people coming together to bring change in what ever way they can!

Individuals and families living in poverty are not doing so by choice….they are doing so because that is what they know or what they believe they are worth. I know that was the case for me…..I did not “choose” to live the life I lived, I lived the life I knew. But because God pursued me through the loving hearts of the people in my community, I was able to learn something different.

Our outreach event for next week brings butterfles to my stomach. I am filled with excitement because I know that, with the love of this community we are one day closer to bringing love and hope to someone whe needs it.

Thank you, dear community for joining me in this ministry.

Only 7 days left!!!