Meet Nataly, a Thriving PLH Preschooler!

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Nataly’s bubbly personality and sharp mind have really flourished in her three years at PLH.  Her mother Andrea commented to our director with tears in her eyes and using the English she learned at PLH: “If we didn’t have Pamper Lake Highlands, all we would do is sit at home in our apartment and watch TV. We didn’t know anyone before this and didn’t feel confident enough to go anywhere.”

Nataly has not only made friends with everyone in her class, but she has passed EVERY SINGLE ASSESSMENT we have given her with flying colors!!!  Nataly will be entering kindergarten this fall knowing all of her letters (capitals AND lower case), all of her numbers, colors and shapes as well as positional words and patterns, IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH!

We look forward to following Nataly’s progress through her years at Skyview Elementary and beyond!

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