We love our PLH children! Meet Kumbo!

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Sweet little Kumbo lights up a room and has soaked up every ounce of instruction she has received while at PLH.  Her parents are immigrants from West Africa and both work extremely hard to pursue the American Dream for their family.  Education is of utmost importance to this family, which is why Kumbo’s mother, Maimouna, began her own journey through our PLH Bright Futures program.  Maimouna has been working hard to obtain her Child Development Associate degree while teaching our littlest tots in our PLH infant room.

Meanwhile, Kumbo has been a student in our preschool classroom and, OH BOY, do her teachers love her!  Eager to learn and always curious, Kumbo has blown us away by passing EVERY SINGLE ASSESSMENT we have given her! Kumbo will enter kindergarten with not only all of the academic tools she needs to succeed in school, but also the confidence and social skills needed to be an emotionally healthy child.

We’re certain Kumbo will grow up to be something BIG.

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