In 2014 the Lord called me to begin collecting diapers for mothers living in poverty. Because the Lord had something much greater planned, He quickly led me in developing Pamper Lake Highlands, a multi-generational ministry that addresses the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of families living in poverty.

A few years ago, my children and I were in need of help. We survived homelessness, domestic abuse and extreme poverty. I struggled with feelings of hopelessness, fearing life would stay that way. Then we experienced God’s transforming power through the love of our Lake Highlands community. Our neighbors lifted me up and helped me develop the tools I needed to provide for my children emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Pamper Lake Highlands has grown to include ESL classes, parenting classes, our Bright Futures program, social services, Bible study and more. We also provide quality, curriculum-based childcare, which helps young children develop important language skills and enables women to attend classes.

We show Jesus’ love by helping empower our neighbors to break the cycle of poverty.

Caren Bright
Founder and Executive Director