Erika and Pamper Lake Highlands

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Erika writes about the impact Pamper Lake Highlands has on her life and the lives of others:
“Pamper Lake Highlands means everything to me. It is a great place to work and I enjoy the families. I attend Job and College Readiness and Financial Literacy classes, and I work with the children. I can learn better English and, at the same time, the kids in the program are getting early education so they will be ready for kindergarten. I am very thankful and so happy teaching preschoolers, and I am really enjoying seeing how kids can grow and learn at that early age.
We are so motivated because Pamper Lake Highlands is always there for us, they support all the wonderful women and children, and they also provide diapers to us. Because of Pamper Lake Highlands, other participants and I started going to college to get certified in Early Childhood Education through the Childhood Development Associate Program at Richland College. It has been a great course! We all have learned a lot about how become professionals. We want to be more prepared and to have all the knowledge that all those preschoolers need.
This opportunity has allowed my vision of the future to include possibly becoming an elementary school teacher so I can teach the next generation. Being an immigrant child here on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) has given me a feeling of being stuck in the past but now I see greater options and opportunities for me and my family.”

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