Children’s Learning Center

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At PLH we believe that preparing our at-risk children for school readiness is crucial. Building foundations in children during the early development stage produces life-long learners; however, children in poverty often miss this opportunity. Because of your support, the 88 children ages 0-5 currently enrolled at PLH, who were once isolated in low-income homes and not receiving any formal education, are now in our incredible children’s learning center being prepared for Kindergarten.

Our program is designed to educate children socially, emotionally, and cognitively. We hold ourselves to a high standard by administering research-based assessments to each child in our care. These assessments allow us to measure developmental growth and delays and to create individualized lessons for each student. In addition, we partner with UT Dallas, who provides early detection screenings for developmental delays and special needs. When needed, families are referred to early intervention services.

We are proud to report that 90% of the teaching staff we employ at the Children’s Learning Center are women who attended PLH classes, strove for excellence, and have earned or are in the process of earning their CDA Credential.


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