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PLH is proud to announce that we will be starting a professional counseling program in 2019!

Poverty and oppression can have a huge impact on a person’s mental well-being. Many of the women this ministry serves experience constant anxiety and stress, whether from trauma and violence in the countries they fled, from living in low-income homes and crime-filled neighborhoods, from the fear of not being able to provide basic necessities for themselves and their children, or from any other numerous worries that accompany poverty. These moms need some help and some hope.

Our new Christian counselor, Melissa Powell, will equip these women with coping skills and tools needed to develop more positive, empowered mindsets. Combined with the educational opportunities and resources PLH already provides, this counseling will boost the women’s progress and propel them to reach their goals even more efficiently and effectively.

In order to add Christian counseling to our other vital programs, we need your help. When making your contribution to PLH this year, please consider adding an extra gift this Christmas season to help us cover the cost of the counseling program.

“I could not be more excited to join the PLH ministry. I know the Lord is working mighty miracles through this organization. My true passion is helping families heal, flourish, and thrive. I’m grateful for this special calling to help empower and enlighten the wonderful women of PLH.”
– Melissa

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